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Welcome to valleyjujitsu.com.  This is the official website for the Valley Jujitsu School, Westchester YMCA Jujitsu School, Torrance South Bay YMCA Jujitsu School, Balboa Sports Center Jujitsu School and subsidiary jujitsu and martial arts schools.

This website is also the home for
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts, an organization dedicated to advanced martial arts training and understanding.  It is not restricted to just jujitsu practitioners.  Part of the concept of Advanced Jujitsu Concepts is that all techniques are based on sound principles of anatomical physics.  Without a strong foundation, physical techniques will not work in the street.  To this end Advanced Jujitsu Concepts has developed the "principles and concept approach".  This approach is based on applying one or more principles and concepts to any situation to effectively make any technique work.  These 25 principles and concepts are listed in this comprehensive website.

Within this website you will also find a comprehensive kidnap prevention program and an ultimate street defense program.  There is a wealth of knowledge contained within these pages.

Take your time and look through our website at your convenience.  Whether you are a beginner at the martial arts or an advanced level practitioner,
valleyjujitsu.com has something useful and informative to offer.

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