QUESTION: Do I have to sign a contract at the Valley Jujitsu School?

ANSWER: No. We do not offer contracts to our students.

QUESTION: Am I able to do it?

ANSWER: Yes you can. At the Valley Jujitsu School we have trained students from five year old children through adult. Some of these people when they came to us were shy, lacked self-confidence, were out of shape or over weight, while others thought they were too old. There are still others who thought they couldn't do it. But they are out there practicing jujitsu and loving it! The fact is that it is NEVER too late to begin your training.

QUESTION: How quickly can I learn?

ANSWER: You will be taught effective, practical techniques that work on your very first lesson. Your progress is individual and is determined by the rate of speed you choose to set for yourself. Each of our Professors are high ranking black belt instructors with over 40years of experience EACH. This fact alone guarantees progress faster than most martial art schools. In addition, we have several other black belt instructors on staff as well.

QUESTION: Do I have to be in good shape?

ANSWER: No. One of the major benefits of our specially structured program is that it is developed around a participants individual condition.

QUESTION: Do you teach only ground grappling?

ANSWER: No. We do teach ground fighting, but the emphasis is on learning a "complete" martial art. By practicing "only" ground fighting techniques, you are betting your life that there is only one attacker. That is not a good bet!

QUESTION: What is the cost for promotional examinations?

ANSWER: We don't charge for promotional examinations like most martial arts schools do. We are more concerned with the "quality" of the students coming out of our school. This fact alone will save you alot of money over the short and long run!

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