Choking And Strangling

1. One-Long, One-Short Choke:
* Standing Attack
* Attacker On Back
2. Hand-To-Neck Counter And Escape From One-Long, One Short Choke
3. Counter One-Long, One Short Choke In Mount Into Pelvic Arm Bar
4. Two Knuckle Choke To Both Sides Of The Windpipe From The Front And Rear
5. Single-Wing Choke, Straddle Back And Rollover
6. Rear Choking/Strangling Series:
* Rear One-Long, One-Short Choke/Strangle
* Single-Wing Rear One Long, One Short Choke/Strangle
* Single-Wing Choke/Strangle From Behind
* Rear Choke/Strangle Thumb Inside With Counter Pressure
* Rear Hand And Radius Squeeze Choke/Strangle
* Rear One-Long, One-Short Choke/Strangle, Drop With Leg Anchor
7. Counters From Rear Bar Arm Chokes:
* Leg Attack From Rear Bar Arm Choke (same side)
* Tuck And Roll From Rear Bar Arm Choke
* Elbow Attack To Inside Of Thigh (same side)
* Ankle Nerve Attack
8. Standing Rear Choke With Belt From A Forward Punch
9. Two Hands On One Lapel Choke
10. Dragon Wing Lapel Choke
11. Perfect Choke
12. Lobster Choke
13. Mountain Storm Take Down And Choke/Strangle
14. Switch-Choking Sequence

Nerve Stick Defenses (Yawara Stick)

1. Defense Against A Single Lapel Grab
2. Defense Against A Forward Punch
3. Outside Wrist Grab Release
4. Outside Wrist Grab Control Release
5. Cross Wrist Grab Release
6. Cross Wrist Grab Control Release
7. Two Hands On One Wrist Grab Release
8. Two Hands On One Wrist Grab Control Release
9. Double Wrist Grab Release
10. Front Choke Release

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