Advanced Jujitsu Combination Techniques

1.   Modified Dragon Strangle, Pelvic Arm Bar, Roll Opponent Onto Face
2. Takedown, Kick To Head, Step-Over Leg Lock Behind Neck, Roll Opponent Onto Face
3. Rear Forearm Twist-Torque Take Down, Knee Press Hold Down
4. Reverse Knee Wheel Throw, Hammer Blow To The Nose, Punch To Face
5. Surprise Reverse Arm Bar From A Punch
6. Hold Opponent In Hammerlock With One Foot
7. Hold Opponent Helpless With One Foot
8. Japanese Leg Lock With Toe And Ankle Twist
9. Reverse Japanese Leg Lock
10. Rear Tiger Claw Throw From A Roundhouse Punch With Neck Breaker
11. Bar Arm Strike To Throat Into Bar Arm Take Down, Roll Opponent Onto Face And     Choke
12. Rear Bear Hug Carry-Away, Rear Head Butt, Front Kick Approaching Attacker, Side-Turn to Rear Attacker, Groin Attacker
13. Arm Bar Deep Stance Into Hammerlock/Chin Lock
14. Hammerlock/Chin Lock On Mat
15. Counter Roundhouse Kick Into Leg Split, Knee Dislocate
16. Police Leg Lock On Mat
17. Back Kick Counter From Attempted Police Leg Lock
18. Hair And Chin Neck Break After Take Down
19. Heel Hook Bar On The Ground
20. Shoulder Strike Attack From Behind, Ulna Press Take Down
21. Counters For Someone Isolating Their Hand From You
* Side Of Leg Attack Method
* Head Misalignment Method
23. Corkscrew Take-Down From A Punch, Goose Neck Control Hold Into A Goose Neck Hammerlock On Face
24. Body Smash, 360 Degree Pivot, Reverse-Arm Take Down
25. Double Inward Deflection, Circular Hand Take Down
26. Forward Punch, Inward Deflection, Outer Thigh Nerve Attack

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