Advanced Jujitsu Combination Techniques

1. Techniques From A Clinch Position:
* Step Back, Strike To Face, Alternating Uppercut Strikes, Forward Elbow Strike, Reverse Forearm Strike/Take Down
* Step Back And Around, Side Palm-Heel Strike To Outside Jaw, Finger Flick to Throat, Apply Front Choke
* Step Back, Hand To Side Of Neck, Palm Heel Thrust To Opposite Side Of Jaw, Reverse Rake Across Eyes
2.   Headlock And Hammerlock From A Low Blow
3. Double Arm Dislocation From A Low Blow
4. Two Reverse Arm Bars/Kneeling Position
5. Cross Body Bent Arm Bar
6. Roundhouse Punch, Tiger Throw, Break Neck
7. Step Over Corkscrew Leg Lock After Take Down
8. Take Down Into Arm Stretch Dislocation
9. Block Forward Punch, Ulna Press Take Down, Break Elbow Over Shin, Hammer Blow to Opponent's Temple, Palm-Heel to Base Of Skull
10. Rear Tiger Groin Hang
11. Outside Leg Hook, Flurry Defense
12. Indian Death Lock
13. Boston Crab
14. Take Down From The Rear With Open-Hand Strike To Side Of Neck
15. Gyaku Leg Lock Into Shoulder Dislocation From A Take Down
16. Bow Arm Split From Two Handed Chest Push, Finger Flick To Throat, Right Angle Hold
17. Rope-Pull Take Down, Roll Opponent Onto Face With Shoulder-Pivot, Break Elbow
18. Forward Punch, Outer-Arm Double Block, Back Fist Strike To Head, Strike To Forearm, Bar Arm Choke (hanging method)
19. Block A Strike, Attack Groin, Leg Take Down, Cuff Legs With Your Belt
20. Knockout Blow To Side Of Neck From A Double Lapel Attack
21. Block A Strike, Strike Bladder, Kidney, Groin, Scooping Throw
22. Side Circle Throw Catching Both Ankles

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