Requirements For Black Belt

Demonstrate an understanding and working knowledge of the Principles and Concepts of Advanced Jujitsu Concepts.  Be able to demonstrate examples to illustrate your understand of these principles and concepts.

Explain the Four Pillars of Advanced Jujitsu Concepts and why they are important in learning the system.  Explain how our method of teaching works.

You must have the ability to run a class by yourself be demonstrating your ability to technically teach the system, properly demonstrating and communicating the techniques in a clear and concise manner.

Demonstrate the entire white, blue, green and brown belt program at an advanced level.  Be able, upon request, to demonstrate variations and modifications of any technique.

Demonstrate your ability to successfully defend yourself by demonstrating a variety of drills.  Those drills are to include phase 1,2, and 3 drills, circle of terror, sequencing and firingline drills.

Demonstrate your ability to conform to time management constraints when talking to a group, teaching an individual group, and instructing an entire class.   This is to include school management, making teaching assignments, supervisory skills and understanding the methodology for performing promotional ceremonies.

Demonstrate the following restoration techniques:
* Techniques for stoppage of the respiratory system
* Techniques for stoppage of the circulatory system
* Techniques for someone who has a locked diaphragm
* Techniques for injury to the testicles

Demonstrate the following restorative massage techniques:
* Message for relieving a headache
* Massage for relieving eye fatigue
* Massage for relieving bruising
* Massage for relieving vomiting
* Technique for relieving a nose bleed
* Technique for relieving sinus problems | Valley Jujitsu
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