QUESTION: What is the emphasis on training at the Valley Jujitsu School?

ANSWER: We specialize is street Jujitsu self-defense training or combative jujitsu. We train for the streets and base our training on the principles and concept approach.

QUESTION: What is the "principle and concepts approach" to learning Jujitsu?

ANSWER: Reality dictates that it is the principles and concepts of anatomical physics that make any technique work. If any technique is not based on sound scientific principles of anatomical physics, the technique won't work. It's that simple. We take the time to teach each student exactly "how" and "why" each technique works. In this way, a person can apply a series of twenty-five principles and concepts to any particular situation, rather than trying to remember thousands of techniques.

QUESTION: What is the background of the Chief Instructor of Jujitsu at the Valley Jujitsu School?

ANSWER: Professor David A. Bellman is the Director and Chief Instructor of Jujitsu at the Valley Jujitsu School and holds the rank of 9th degree black belt in Jujitsu. He has been training since 1962 and actively teaching Jujitsu since 1968.

QUESTION: How Do I Get Started?

ANSWER: The first step is to call us to get any further information you may feel you need or questions answered. We can be reached at (818) 882-7022. The second step is to come in and visit our 1400 square foot facility located at 8240 Louise Avenue (at Roscoe) in Northridge, California. You can meet the instructors, see the facility and equipment, watch the students training and even try a free class if you wish. The third step is to make a committment to yourself that this is the time to finally do something you have always wanted to do, to get into better shape, to learn self-defense and personal safety and enjoy the many benefits of martial arts training. | Valley Jujitsu
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To contact us:

Phone: (818) 882-7022

8240 Louise Avenue
Northridge, California 91325