Principles and Concepts

If you think about it, all physical martial arts techniques have to be based on sound principles and concepts of anatomical physics, otherwise, they aren't going to work in every situation. This is the problem with most martial arts. They may look nice as an art, but when it comes to effectiveness or environmental changes, they don't always work.

The following twenty-five principles and concepts can be applied to any martial art technique to help understand exactly how and why and individual technique works. At the
VALLEY JUJITSU SCHOOL, all of our techniques are based on sound principles of anatomical physics and students are taught to understand how and why each and every technique works.

Here are the Twenty-Five Principles and Concepts of
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts:

  1. 90/45 Degree Angle Principle
  2. Anatomical Misalignment
  3. Anchor Principle
  4. Back Up Mass
  5. Balance Principle
  6. Barring
  7. Basic Rule of Resistance
  8. Buoyancy
  9. Circular/Linear Principle
  10. Closing the Gap
  11. Compression
  12. Constriction
  13. Dropping the Center of Gravity
  14. Elliptical Circle
  15. Extension / Hyperextension
  16. Isolation Principle
  17. Offsetting the Vertical Plane
  18. Pivoting
  19. Pry Release
  20. Redirection/Deflection
  21. Small Circle Principle
  22. Stretching the Rope
  23. Torque
  24. Transitional Realignment
  25. Wedge | Valley Jujitsu
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