Twenty-Five Principles and Concepts

What makes your jujitsu techniques work

Techniques Based On Principles Of Anatomical Physics

Whether you're new to Mushin Ryu Jujitsu, or have studied other martial arts for decades, there is one ting that is certain.  If your techniques aren't based on sound principles of anatomical physics, you're techniques are not going to work properly.  A technique must be based on a solid foundation. 
There are twenty-four physical principles and concepts of anatomical physics that you need to learn and understand to make your techniques work at maximum efficiency.  Though designed for this system, the principles and concepts are universal and apply to all martial arts systems. 
The first step is to read and understand what the twenty-two principles and concepts of Mushin Ryu Jujitsu are.  You will soon discover that the system is designed to reinforce these important principles and concepts within the body and scope of the techniques.  Each and every technique is more than just an art.  They are the building blocks to advanced levels of training and understanding that this unique system has to offer.  As your understanding of each principle and concept grows, your understanding will grow and mature as well.  Your techniques will become more precise, more focused, more purposeful and more effective.  You will be ready for what still awaits you in your jujitsu training.

  1. 45/90 Degree Principle

Resistance is created when a 90-degree angle is put against another 90-degree angle.  They either cancel each other out or the stronger force overcomes the weaker force.  If you meet resistance when doing a technique, and two opposing 90-degree angles are present, redirect the defense at a 45-degree angle to your opponent's 90-degree angle and the resistance will break down.

2.   Anatomical Misalignment

When the spine is erect and the human body is in alignment with its various parts, the structural integrity of the body is strong.  By misaligning the body at various key points along the human anatomy, the structural integrity of the body tends to break down along with the body strength.  Not only can you misalign an opponent's body, you can also misalign your own body to render an opponent's technique weak or ineffective.

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