3.   Anchor Principle

The use of an anchor principle will alter the distribution of strength and energy of an opponent's attack.  For example, when a rear bar arm choke is applied against your throat, by grasping the forearm and wrist then dropping or "anchoring" your elbows against your ribs, your opponent's forearm is essentially fused to your chest. 

4.   Back Up Mass

The strength in your arms and legs is limited by various factors, but by applying the back up mass of your body to your defense, you are able to deliver many of your techniques with a great deal more power and focus.  If two of the exact same trucks were to ram into each other head-on, one with an empty truck, and the other filled completely with bricks, which one would cause the most damage?  The truck with the heavier payload (or back up mass) would cause greater damage to the opposing truck.

5.   Balance Principle

If you stand perpendicular to your opponent, your opponent will always be off balance forward and backward, but you will always be on balance.  No matter how your opponent stands, situate your body in a "T" position between his legs.  As long as you either stand perpendicular to your opponent, or attack him along that plane, he will always be off balance forward and backward.

  1. Barring

Barring is always done against the weakest part of an opponent's joint.  Some of those points include the elbow, wrist, fingers and knees.  Pressure is applied against the "natural" bend of the joint.

  1. Basic Rule of Resistance

In order to have strength, an opponent needs to have resistance.  To break down his strength do not resist:  when your opponent pushes, you pull; when your opponent pulls, you push.  By applying proper timing to the basic rule of resistance, your opponent adds to your strength by inadvertently moving in a direction that is advantageous to you.

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