In a few weeks of beginning your study of jujitsu you'll notice a positive change within yourself. The changes will take the form of increased flexibility and agility, a heightened sense of awareness, a more focused outlook toward your surroundings, gains in your physic alabilities as well as an increase in your endurance.

You will soon realize that you are learning an extremely practical, highly efficient martial art of self-defense and personal safety. You will discover that you are successfully able to defend yourself, your loved ones, and those close to you should the need ever arise.  Your training in Mushin Ryu Jujitsu will elevate your outlook on life as you discover hidden potential within yourself and cultivate the inner strength within you. You will learn about personal and street psychology, philosophy, anatomical physics, elements of martial science, tradition and effective applications  of human behavior.

Our classes have been designed to provide you with personal attention and instruction. Students are taught to think on their feet and are constantly challenged to seek higher levels of understanding. We take a positive approach and encourage your progress.  Rather than practicing dance-like motions called katas that simulate attacks and situations, at the Valley Jujitsu School we train one-on-one with a partner on each and every technique.  There is no guessing games.  You know right away whether your techniques will work for you, both in class, and on the street.  Because of our uniquely designed drills, students are able to explore their technique applications from changing street situations, hand and foot configurations and environmental conditions.  This gives each of our students an infinate wealth of insight into their abilities, available options and available tools.
The benefits of learning Mushin Ryu Jujitsu doesn't stop there. As you progress through our comprehensive program you will discover an increase in self-discipline while at the same time gaining self-confidence. Mushin Ryu Jujitsu is a "total" system offering everything you will need for growth within the martial arts. | Valley Jujitsu
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