Four Pillars Of Advanced Jujitsu Concepts

Written By
Professor David A. Bellman
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts
Copyright 2001-2005
All rights reserved.

Four Pillars of Advanced Jujitsu Concepts comprise the physical foundation that governs the system. Without a firm foundation, everything falls and crumbles.  That is the architecture of Advanced Jujitsu Concepts.  Like anything in life, your arts and techniques are only as strong as your weakest link.  Where there is no weak link, there lies only strength and stability.

  • Principles and Concepts of the System
  • Learning the System
  • Exploring the System
  • Teaching the System

Principles and Concepts of the System

The first question any serious and dedicated martial artist must ask themselves is why do my techniques work?  Techniques work because the principles and concepts that makes each and every one of them work is based on scientific principles and concepts of anatomical physics.  That's the only possible way your techniques will work. Any technique that is not based on such principles and concepts won't work.  The reason that they won't work is because some working component of the physics or anatomical structure of what you are trying to do is out of balance.  Here are the basic twenty-five principles and concepts of
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts:

  1. 90/45 Degree Angle Principle
  2. Anatomical Misalignment
  3. Anchor Principle
  4. Back Up Mass
  5. Balance Principle
  6. Barring
  7. Basic Rule Of Resistance
  8. Buoyancy
  9. Circular/Linear Principle

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