Exploring the System

Exploring the System is the third Pillar of
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts and is where you put into application what you have learned from a different perspective. The reality of any situation is that things don't always work out in

the street the way you practice them in class.  To some extent, your class is like a scientific laboratory where you explore other ways the principles and concepts that you have learned are applicable. For example, even though a technique may be the done the way you normally practice it in class, your opponent might choose to use a different hand and/or foot configuration, a wider or closer stance, or any number of modifications to the usual way things are done.  This will change the anatomical body physics of the technique. To make the hold work, you will discover that you must apply (or re-apply) the applicable principles and concepts of
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts as they apply to the new, changed or perpetually changing situation. 

Teaching the System

Teaching the System is the fourth Pillar of
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts and employs a very simple concept: When you can effectively teach to others what you have learned, then you truly know your arts. As we have just learned, this is a three-part process.  First you learn it, then you explore it, and then you teach it.  Teaching Advanced Jujitsu Concepts involves learning this important fact: There are three ways that people learn.

  • We see it
  • We hear it
  • We feel it

This is one of the key components of teaching something to anyone.  This is a modal approach to learning. Though we can change our modal perspective on occasion, it's a fact that all human beings learn by seeing, hearing or feeling things.  Once you realize this concept of learning, you will discover that all three modal methods must be used in your teaching so that everyone learns.  You may see your perspective of the world through vision and learn by being shown your techniques, whereas, another person is auditory and learns more effectively by having something explained. A third individual may learn best by feeling the application of a technique on them.  We each develop our modal perspective as a young child and carry it through our lives.

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