Valley Jujitsu School
Rules & Regulations

School Rules and Regulations

Safety is the most important factor at our jujitsu school.   Each and every participant should always keep this point in their mind.

  • Always do a respectful bow upon entering the school, leaving the school, entering the mat or leaving the mat.
  • There are only two ways of sitting suring class:  (1) Japanese kneeling position, (2) Cross legged sitting position.  The only exception is if you have a knee,  leg or some other physical problem.  If this is the case in your situation, you will need to talk to the instructor about it.
  • Treat all senior students and upper ranks with respect.
  • Practice only what you are taught.  Never practice techniques that you have not been taught in this school.
  • No food or gum of any type is allowd on the mat.  Do not chew gum during class. 
  • Report all injuries immediately to your instructor regardless of how minor they may seem.
  • Come to class with a good attitude and an open mind.  Leave all egos at the door. 
  • Neatly clip and trim your toe and finger nails for your safety and the safety of the people you are training with.
  • Practice propert physical and oral hygene.
  • Watch your temper.  Never lose your temper while on the mat.  Practice moderation in all that you do.
  • Never grab a student as hard as you can.  If in doubt, grab another student medium softly as to avoid bruises and injury.
  • Jewelry should not be worn on the mat.
  • Shoes are not to be worn while on the mat.  Students may either go barefoot or with clean sox on.
  • Train regularly and diligently, trying constantly to improve yourself and expand your knowledge.
  • Know your own limits.
  • Foul language of any type will not be tolerated on the mat.

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