Valley Jujitsu School
Rules & Regulations

  • Please be on time for class each time.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that any of your guests watching from the sidelines are quiet and respectful  during class hours.  Young children are not permitted to run about the room, and definately not on the mat while class is in session.
  • Never reach for the mat when you are being throw.
  • Always keep mat seafety in your mind.
  • Support your partner when he or she falls on the mat and maintain control throughout the application of the technique.
  • If you feel discomfort or pain upon the application of a technique applied to you, indicate this by "tapping".   This can be done by tapping yourself, your partner, or the mat.
  • Never show off when training.  This only causes accidental injuries.
  • This system of jujitsu has very effective drills designed to train a student for defense on the street.  We specialize in stree defense, not sport, and sparring is not permitted in class.
  • Practice only with the assigned partner.  Do not change partners without the consent of your instructor. | Valley Jujitsu
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To contact us:

Phone: (818) 882-7022

8240 Louise Avenue
Northridge, California 91325