• Don't talk to a stranger

  • Never get into a vehicle with a stranger

  • Run away from a stranger

Three Important Points To Remember

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There are three simple things your child can do to stay safe and help avoid being a victim of child abduction.  We call these the Three Important Points To Remember.

Don't Talk To Strangers

Children are usually taught by their parents to not talk to strangers.  Unfortunately, no one has told strangers not to talk to your children.   Many strangers that will talk to your children are harmless, such as a senior citizen having a meal at a local fast food restaurant or someone passing your child at a local mall and finds your child cute or endearing.

Children also need to be taught that not all strangers are
bad people.  You may have a friend who has never met your child.  Just because your friend is a "stranger" to your child doesn't mean they are bad.   Children need to be taught that when mom or dad or the person watching them is not around, and a stranger approaches them, that they should not talk to these strangers and immediately get away from him or her.

Another problem is that children are being given mixed messages.  Authorities on kidnap preventiontell your child not to talk to strangers, than in the next breath tell them to say
"no" to a stranger.  BY DOING THIS YOUR CHILD IS TALKING TO A STRANGER!  The message for drugs is "just say no", which is an important message that should be repeated to your children often.    You child should not only not talk to strangers, they should get away from a stranger IMMEDIATELY!

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