Never Get Into A Vehicle With A Stranger

There is no reason a child should ever get near an automobile, van, truck or other vehicle.  To begin with, it is not safe for a child to be near a motor vehicle.  Under certain lighting situations, in particular certan times of day when the sunlight is very bright, it can be extremely hard to see a small child walking in a parking lot.  If someone calls your child over because they have a question, you need to teach your child that they are never obligated to going over and answering a stranger's question.  Further, there is nothing in a vehicle for a child to go look at.   Children must always stay away from a motor vehicle under all circumstances.  It is a known fact that if a child is abducted and talken away in a vehicle and not found within the first 2-3 hours, there is a very real possibility that your child won't be returned to you alive.  That is a sobering thought to any parent or law enforcement agency.   UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, YOUR CHILD IS NOT TO GET INTO A VEHILE WITH A STRANGER.  If your child is grabbed, he or she should attempt to escape from the hold and run away from the stranger or abductor.    Your child can stick teir fingers in the abductors eyes, strike him or her in the throat, strike him in the groin region, scream, shout, pull his or her hair, rip at the ears, drive the heel of their hand underneath the abductor's nose, bite him or her do anything to not be pulled or forced into a vehicle.

Run Away From A Stranger

An average adult can cover about 21 feet of distance in about a second. That fact alone will remind each and every partent how important it is that their child keep as much distance between their child and the abductor or stranger.  If you look at news reports of children that have prevented themselves from being the victim of an abduction, you will see a familiar pattern.  Every child runs away from the person!   Running away from a stranger or abductor is the single most important thing a child can do to save teir life and avoid being a potential victimIt is a good idea to have your child practicing escaping from various hold and running away from the person grbbing them.  Within this section of this website you will find self defense techniques written up that you and your child can practice at any time.  Remember, practice makes perfect!

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