The Valley Jujitsu School was established in February of 1993 to provides Southern California and the San Fernando Valley with jujitsu martial arts training from a strictly self-defense point of view.

Valley Jujitsu School has three Professors on staff with well over 100 years of combined experience.    Professor David A. Bellman is the Director and Chief Instructor of Jujitsu at the school and Professor Tom Reichenbach is the Assistant Chief Instructor and Technical Director.

At the
Valley Jujitsu School we teach the Mushin Ryu System of Jujitsu.  The Mushin Ryu System of Jujitsu is a comprehensive system of jujitsu with an emphasis on the principles and concepts approach.  Using this approach, all techniques are based on the principles and concepts of anatomical physics.    The techniques have been scientifically designed to work in combat situations and on the street.  The system has been taught to local, state and federal law enforcement personnel as well as security professionals. | Valley Jujitsu
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To contact us:

Phone: (818) 882-7022

8240 Louise Avenue
Northridge, California 91325