When your child answers the telephone, whether you're home or not, if they don't know who the person is at the other end of the phone, then they are talking to a stranger.

The problem is that they don't realize that this is a stranger. Often times a child will pass on information to a total stranger that's none of their business.

A stranger doesn't need to know when the parent will come home from work, their time schedule, or even where they are. A child should be taught to NEVER give out any personal information over the phone to a stranger. It's none of the person's business! These people are experts at extracting information out of your child.

Often times, a child will think it's a game and try to trick or fool the person on the other end of the phone. The sad part is that these people can see right through it, playing a dangerous game of their own.


It is not enough that you are watching out for your children. While shopping it's easy to momentarily distracted and take your eyes off your children. By teaching your children the BUDDY SYSTEM, they are instructed, in essence, to keep an eye out for you. If they see that you aren't in view, they are instructed to bring it to your attention. It's a way for your child to learn good PROACTIVE skills and to re-enforce your awareness skills as well.


If your child gets trapped with someone in an elevator, they should quickly push all of the buttons so that the elevator will stop on the next floor and they can escape the situation. When the elevator doors open up, they should quickly run out of the elevator and seek help from a PERSON IN AUTHORITY.

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