A person can increase their chances of NOT being a victim by heightening their sense of awareness. To do this, you must change from being REACTIVE to PROACTIVE in your approach to everything that you do.

It's unfortunate but many times a person becomes a victim of circumstance BEFORE they realize that the original problem could have been avoided in the first place. They force themselves into a position of having to REACT to a situation.

For example, a man sitting in a car rolls down the window and calls your child over to ask him a question. Your child unwittingly walks over to the car and is instantly in a compromising position. He is forced to quickly run away from the stranger before the stranger has the opportunity to get out of his vehicle and chase him down. In this example, the child's heighten sense of awareness should take over and instincts should tell the child that he feels uncomfortable even listening to this stranger and turns around and runs the other direction without hesitation.

Your child should always take a PROACTIVE approach to any potential situation. The more your child realizes this fact and is taught to think in a PROACTIVE manner, the better off your child will be.

Here are some specific things that your child SHOULD NOT do:

1. Don't allow your child to wander around a restaurant or fast food establishment unattended.
2. Don't allow yourself to be side tracked while dining out or shopping.
3. Don't allow your child to hang around public restrooms unattended and for any length of time.
4. Don't leave a child unattended in a vehicle for any reason.
5. Don't force or encourage your child to sit on anyone's lap for which they even appear to be uncomfortable or uneasy.
6. Don't disregard anything your child might say about someone just because they are a friend or relative of yours. Listen to what your child has to say with an open mind.
7. Don't allow your child to wear pieces of clothing, such as shirts, hats and jackets with their named printed on the outside. It's confusing to your child to have a stranger call their name out and appear to be a friend or acquaintance.
8. Don't allow your child to wear a house key on a shoestring around their neck. It is a sure sign that no one is home at that child's house. | Valley Jujitsu
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