Engaging in unnecessary conversation with this individual can get you killed! If you listen to news accounts on the television, you'll see a pattern where people "upset" the attacker with the gun and place themselves in grave danger of forcing a tragic end to a bad situation. Don't talk to the person with the gun. Don't argue with him or her as to why are they doing this, or ask them questions of any type. They are not interested in answering.


When you are looking down the barrel of a gun, your mind is usually in a state of confusion. Thinking clearing can sometimes be difficult. This is NOT the time to have indecision as to what you must do.

First, there isn't a parent reading this text that would walk away and leave their children in the back seat of the car. By asking the person with the gun if you can get your children, you create another problem. What if he says, "NO"?

Even if this person with the gun says no, are you going to leave your 7 year old child and nine month old baby in the back seat of the car? Of course not. You're going to get your children regardless of the consequences of your action.

So, when the person with the gun tells you to get out of the car, don't argue with him, but ASSUME it also means your family as well. You should teach your child to ALWAYS follow your directions. If mommy or daddy says to get out of the car, then that's what your child should quickly do.

Infants and young children can't understand or comprehend the seriousness or complexity of the situation and need your immediate assistance. Any person who has ever taken a child out of a car seat knows that it can be an ordeal unlocking the safety harness and fighting their little kicking feet. However, get them ALL out quickly and get away from your vehicle.

Your car and anything of material value in it can be replaced. You and your family can not.

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