1. Vital information.

2. Your child's fingerprints.

3. Annual photograph of your child.

4. Lock of your child's hair.

5. Your child's growth record.

6. A copy of your child's dental records.

7. A copy of your child's medical records.

8. Emergency information.


1. Start out with a white 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper or card stock and fold it in half forming a small booklet for EACH of your children.

2. Label the top of your booklet CHILD IDENTIFICATION KIT.

3. On the front cover write or type in the following Vital Information:


1. Last name, middle, first
2. Address
3. Date of birth (include month, day and year)
4. Indicate the sex of your child (male or female)
5. Include the race of your child


1. Either take an annual photograph of your child or use one of the annual school portraits that most schools offer each year. Tape the picture in the upper left hand side of page 2 of your CHILD IDENTIFICATION KIT.

2. The next year, move last year's photograph to the right side of page 2 and tape the "new" current photograph to the left side.

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