Often statistics tell the story.   80% of cars stolen were left unlocked by the owner.  It is estimated that around 20% of stolen cars had the keys left in the ignition.  It's one thing to be a victim of crime, it's another thing to give the bad guys the tools to do what they do best.

Though professional car thieves still prey on unsuspecting victims, most cars are still taken by amateurs that can be stopped relatively easily.  By taking the following precautions you can greatly increase your protection against car thieves.

  • Lock your car.  An unlocked car is an open invitation to a car thief.  You should lock up when ever you leave your car, even if for only a moment. Take your keys with you.
  • Always lock your trunk or tailgate.
  • Close all the windows in your vehicle.  Professional thieves have tools that help them unlock vehicles through a minimum of open space.
  • Never leave a camera, purse, wrapped gift or any valuable lying on the seat of your vehicle.
  • When your car is parked, if possible, remove CB, tape deckor other valuable possessions from the vehicle.
  • Lock all valuables in your trunk or take them with you.
  • If possible, remove the CB antenna and sow in in your trunk when you leave.
  • Park your vehicle carefully.
  • Try and avoid leaving your vehicle unattended in a public parking lot for an extended period of time.
  • Statistically, a vehicle is five time more likely to be stolen from an unattended parking lot than from the street or an attended lot.
  • If possible park your vehicle in a parking lot where you don't have to leave your keys.
  • Do not attach a tag with your name and address to a key ring.
  • If possible, only leave the ignition key with a parking attendant.    A dis honest parking attendant may take your house keys and have them duplicated and see them, along with your name and address.
  • At night, park your vehicle in a well-lighted area with pedestrian traffic.

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