• If possible, turn the wheels of your vehicle sharply toward the curb when parking.  This will make it difficult for thieves to tow your vehicle.
  • Make sure that vent windows are shut tight.  This is a favorite  entry point for many thieves.
  • Wth an electric engraver, etch your driver's license number on tape decks and other removable items.
  • Record your vehicle identification number (located on a small metal plate on the dashboard) and store it in a safe place.
  • Make use of an anti-theft device on your vehicle.
  • When purchasing a vehicle check the manufacturer's list of anti-theft options.
  • Consider the purchase and installation of security devices such as an interior hood lock and release, a second ignition switch or "kill switch" which prevents electrical current from reaching the coil distributor, a fuel switch which prevents fuel from reaching the carburetor or a locking gas cap.  Other security devices you might consider includes a locking device for batteries, wheels and tape decks.
  • You might look for an alarm device which will activate a siren, horn or lights -- or all three -- to frighten the thief away before he is able to steal your car.

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