Understanding the importance of distances in the daily routines of our lives can be an extremely important element in successfully defending ourselves, or in the termination of our lives.

Harsh as it may seem, this is true. There are two main categories of distances or zones that we need to concern ourselves with in order to understand the process that makes us feel unformfortable in a confrontation.

Personal Zone is generally 2 to 5 feet away from another person. The reason that this is called Personal Zone is because when we speak to another person, or a friend, one-on-one, this is the distance in which we unconsciously stand during social situations. Whether we realize it or not, we stand at this distance because we feel comfortable conversing with another person with this much distance between us.

Intimate Zone is generally 6 inches to 1 foot between two individuals. Depending on the situation, you will either feel comfortable, or uncomfortable at this distance. The only reasons we, as human beings, get within 6 inches to a foot of another person is if we are telling them a secret or we are getting intimate. If you try to have a general conversation with a friend and stand within six inches of his or her face, you will see something interesting happen. The person you are taking to will begin to feel unformfortable, either consciously or unconsciously, and will begin moving backward, to a Personal Zone.

Do not allow a stranger to enter your Intimate Zone if you don't want to put yourself at a psychological disadvantage. If another person attempts to enter your Intimate Zone, you have three options:

- Ask them to step back
- You step away from them
- You attack them

It becomes the old story of the fight or flight response. It's extremely important that you understand this process to keep it from happening

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