Urban Warfare is a term used to describe surviving the streets of the city.   Whether you view it as Urban Survival or Urban Warfare, one thing is certain:  the streets are the battle field of Urban America and survival is goal.

It is sad to think of the urban setting many Americans live in as a battlefield.  But in many cities and in many places, that's exactly what it is.  Gang turf issues has become a factor as well as the rise in violent crime.  There are limited resources available for law enforcement and in some cities there are not enough police officers per square mile to protect the growing population in many large cities.   The shere numbers of people living in Urban America have out grown the number of law enforment personnel needed to keep the urban city safe.   Add to that the fact that the bad guys are getting more complicated in their methods of operations and the fire power that they use often out guns the local law enforment weaponry, Urban Survival
has become a form of Urban Warefare.

If we let the bad guys run the streets, we loose control of our lives, our society, our way of life we have lost the battle.  If we allow fear to control our actions, where and when we shop, who we associate with and how we live our lives we become a victim whether we are attacker physically or not.  In many cases, a
mental attack of fear is far worse than the threats we face. 

You can take
your city, town or community back in a variety of ways.  You can join your local neighbor watch groups and become actively involved.  You can join your local PTA and become active and involved 9in the school your children attend, the people that teach them, what they are taught, the people they associate with as well as their safety and well-being.

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