Self Defense Technique Library


Written By:
Professor David A. Bellman
Copyright 2002-2004

  1. Outside Wrist Release with Chop to Side of Neck from the Front

    Your opponent grabs your right hand with his left hand. He is grabbing your right wrist on the outside of your hand. This is the reason that this hold is called an outside wrist grab.

    Begin by moving your right foot forward into a defensive stance, dropping your center of gravity and bringing your right elbow in toward your body. This movement will off-balance your opponent forward by taking the "slack" out of his grabbing hand and at the same time maintain your strong balanced position. By taking the "slack" out of his hand, you will in effect, reduce your opponent's strength, weakening the hold. (1) Make a fist with your right hand, twisting the radius bone (on the side of your thumb) to the weakest part of his hand (between his thumb and fingers). Keep your right elbow in close to your body, maximizing your body mass behind your escaping arm. (2) Step in between your opponent's legs with your right foot dropping into a low horse stance and drive the tip of your right elbow into your opponent's left wrist. This motion should allow you to escape the hold. As you are escaping the hold, use the twisting power of your hips to affect the escape. (3) As you release from the hold, rebound off our opponent's left wrist into a percussion chop to the side of his neck at a 45 degree angle. Make sure that you maintain your own balance and drive the blow through your attacker, rather than chop at his neck.

    2. Inside or Cross Wrist Release with Hammer Strike to Nose from the Front

    Your opponent grabs your right wrist with his right hand. He is grabbing across your body and grabbing your right wrist on the inside. This is the reason that this hold is called a cross or inside wrist grab.

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