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6. Front Choke Release, One Arm Escape Moving Backward

Your opponent wraps both of his hands around your throat and applies a choke directly to your wind pipe. When a choke is applied, your air flow is restricted and you will pass out. This hold is referred to as a front choke.

Begin by bringing your right hand up between your opponent's hands and step forward into your opponent with your right foot. Make sure that you keep your knees bent to maintain a strong sense of balance. (1) The secret of this technique is to make sure that your right shoulder is higher than your opponent's hands. Pivot to your left and then take a large step with your right foot away from your opponent and continue moving away from him.

7. Rear Long Arm Choke Release with Double Arm Capture, Hair Takedown

Your opponent grabs your throat from behind with both hands, keeping his arms straight. This is the reason that this hold is called a long arm choke from the rear.

Begin by stepping slightly forward with your left foot and keep your knees bent and your center of gravity low. (1) Lift your right hand high into the air so that your right shoulder is higher than your opponent's wrists. (2) Step back and across with your right foot as you turn around to your right, circling your right arm around in a clockwise motion, capturing both of your opponent's arms. Once you've captured both of his arms, lock them in tightly to your body. (3) Deliver a powerful quick blow with your left fist into your opponent's right rib cage. This strike should cause your opponent to lean slightly toward you. (4) With your left hand that has just delivered a blow to the ribs, open your hand up wide and slide it along your opponent's scalp until it reaches over to the other side of his head. Grasp a handful of his hair and press your left knuckles firmly into the scalp of his head. He should immediately perk up and rise to his toes. (5) Pull your left hand violently toward your left hip and take yur opponent to the ground. At this point, grab his chin with your right hand, lift his head and chin up slightly with your left hand, and break his neck.

8. Rear Forearm Strangle Drop Release with Knee Drop to the Ribs

Your opponent wraps his right forearm around your throat from behind, with his right foot forward and his left foot back. Your opponent will pull you backward so that you are off balance. This is the typical mugger hold. This is the reason that this hold is called a rear forearm strangle.

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