Children's Jujitsu Program

The Experience Of A Lifetime

The Westchester Jujitsu School offers a comprehensive Children's Jujitsu Program for youths 7-12 years of age. 

Children's Jujitsu Program meets on Tuesday evenings from 5:30--6:30 PM and is taugt by Professor David A. Bellman, 9th degree black belt.    Professor Bellman is the four time National Jujitsu Black Belt Champion and the nine time Southern California Jujitsu Black Belt Champion.

Within our
Children's Jujitsu Program we also teach a complete and  comprehensive kidnap prevention program for our students.  This gives the child valuable knowledge, and the parent, peace of mind.

Participants are taught escaping techniques from numerous holds, rolling and falling techniques, take down techniques, control techniques, joint locks, joint manipulation techniques, kicking, striking, blocking as well as effective combinations.  The techniques are taught strictly from a self defense point of view with
safety our most important element.  Each participant trains directly with a partner, rather than going through dance-like moves or katas that most martial arts do.  At the Westchester Jujitsu School emphasis is placed on developing the whole child.  This includes developing a child's self control and temper, enhancing their motor skill development and teaching them to take turns and respect others.

There are many positive advantages in your child training in jujitsu at the
Westchester Jujitsu School.    Beside learning a highly effective method of self defense and personal protection, students learn to concentrate better which helps them in school studies and in their interpersonal skills with others.  Students are taught self disciple in a positive, respectful way.  This is important for your child.  Special drills have been designed to teach each participant how to apply their techniques and to adapt them to changing situations and environments.   

Participants may earn colored belt rankings in jujitsu at the
Westchester Jujitsu School.  Best of all, unlike most martial arts schools, we never change our students for promotional examinations.  We are only concerned with the quality of our students.  You can't buy knowledge you can only learn it, practice it and experience it.  That is the reason why our students are knowledgable in what they do.

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