Our program is so effective that many of our current and former students have included local, state and federal law enforcement personnel, security experts, judges, attorneys, doctors and experienced black belts from other martial art disciples, as well as beginners who have never trained a day in their lives.
We offer a complete training program for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and advanced level black belts.  Your training, knowledge and education never stops at the
Balboa Sports Center Jujitsu School.
We offer a "modern approach to an ancient tradition".

It starts with a simple, yet revolutionary concept:  A comprehensive martial art system designed to offer awesome power, speed, grace, effectiveness, simplicity and continuity, with a reality base.  A true program that offers something rewarding, substantial and different for everyone.  This is the essense of
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts.

Designed to live and breathe through its natural simplicity -- Advanced Jujitsu Concepts embodies the ancient teachings and traditions of long ago  -- with a 21st Century mindset.

Advanced Jujitsu Concepts is classic in nature and contemporary in design and application.  The system is an innovative expression of an ancient art of self-protection.  The arts haven't been reinvented -- they have been refined and rediscovered as a complex statement of 21st century society.  Advanced Jujitsu Concepts is self-defense at its finest!

The techniques of
Advanced Jujitsu Concepts are etched silhouettes of distant times and forgotten concepts.  It was a time when survival wasn't a wish -- but a reality and a way of life.  Advanced Jujitsu Concepts awakens the mind and the body and the senses.

Those who seek to achieve results in today's rapidly accelerating society understand the need to take immediate action and appropriate measures to get what they want out of their martial arts training and education.

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