Escapes, Releases And Take-Downs

Outside Wrist Grab

1. Pry Release With Hand Trap
2. Spinning Wrist Twist Take Down
3. Palm-Up Release
4. Circular Inward Chop Release

Cross Or Inside Wrist Grab

5. Ulna Press Take Down
6. Arm Bar Deep Stance
7. Hand And Wrist Breaker

Two Hands On One Wrist Grab

8. Circular Finger Lock And Break Wrist
9. Three Foot Combinations (see below)
* Cross-Over Method
* Hip Check Method
* Foot Hook Method

Double Wrist Grab

10. Circular Inward Chop Hand Reversal With Back Fist Strike
11. Torture Hold

Inverted Outside Wrist Grab

12. Downward Fist Twist Pry Release
13. Hand Trap With Break
From The Rear - Two Hands On One Wrist Grab

14. Right Angle Hold
15. Ulna Press Take Down

From The Rear - Double Wrist Grab

16. Rear Take Down Over Leg
17. Right Angle Hold, Shoulder Separation
Front Two-Handed Throat Grab (Front Choke)

18.   Lower Throat Notch Defense
19.   Alternating Hand

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